Prep For Graduation

In addition to the excitement of graduation, it's also time to celebrate the achievements of those who have received scholarships from the Queen Creek Schools Education Foundation (QCSEF). This year, 27 seniors from Eastmark High and Queen Creek High were honored with scholarships showcasing their hard work and dedication to their education. The QCSEF plays a vital role in supporting students' educational journeys by partnering with the community and local businesses to promote excellence through leadership in education.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements and for being recipients of QCSEF scholarships:

From Eastmark High School:

QCSEF scholarship recipient Rebekah Lahaie receiving big check
  • Arianna Baumgartner
  • Adam Bitton
  • Rebekah LaHaie
  • Olivia Minard
  • Emma King
  • Brooke Sanders
  • Kylee Pinon
  • Emily Markle
  • Jaylee Alvin
  • Isabel Lopez
  • Hazel Tobler

From Queen Creek High School:

QCSEF scholarship recipient domenic-dejesus receiving big check
  • Alice Miranda
  • Maddie Holston
  • Wyatt Goodwin
  • Christopher Hagen
  • Olivia Abril
  • Jenae Berry
  • Hayden Kane
  • Makayla Homewood
  • Gregor Hocknull
  • Olivia Cronin
  • Paige Dion
  • Emily Noble
  • Samantha Hancock
  • Abram Aguilar Lopez
  • Domenic DeJesus
  • Raquel Murietta

Once again, congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, as well as all graduating seniors, for their remarkable accomplishments and dedication. Make sure to take some time to celebrate all that has been accomplished during this time, and thank you for choosing Queen Creek Unified District to be a part of this educational experience!

For graduation ceremony dates and locations, please refer to the following information:

  • Eastmark High’s graduation ceremony will be at Eastmark High School’s football field on May 22, 2024, at 7:00 p.m.
  • Queen Creek High’s graduation ceremony will be at ASU’s Desert Financial Stadium on May 23, 2024, at 2:30 p.m.
  • Queen Creek Virtual Academy’s Graduation Ceremony will be at Newell Barney College Prep on May 22, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.

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