Open Enrollment Application

When you enroll your child in Queen Creek Unified schools, you’re not only giving them a high-quality and rigorous education, you’re giving them leadership skills and lifelong lessons that prepare them for the future. Queen Creek Unified is a place where students give and earn respect, practice kindness, and lead with integrity. We are here to educate the whole child and help them reach their full potential!

If you live outside our school district boundaries, we welcome you to apply for open enrollment by following the process below. Forms must be submitted before the start of the school year.

In the Queen Creek Unified School District, Open Enrollment is contingent upon the following:

  • Available classroom space and various program capacities for the given year
  • The student's and parent’s adherence to district and school rules
  • The student's prompt and regular attendance
  • The addition of students from outside a school's attendance area shall not detract from the offerings of the school, its programs, grade levels, or classrooms.

Determine your home school
Please view the School Boundary page to determine your home school. If you wish to send your child to a QCUSD school outside your home boundaries, please complete an open enrollment application. Open enrollment forms are available at all QCUSD school sites and at the district office. Please understand that if your children are accepted for open enrollment, you will be solely responsible for transporting them to and from school. We only provide transportation for students within the respective boundaries of their home school.

What is open enrollment?
Open enrollment, a program enacted by the Arizona legislature, requires all school districts to allow students the opportunity to select a school of their choice if capacity and programming permits. The Queen Creek Unified School District complies fully with all provisions of the statute.

What is the application and acceptance process?
Acceptance of open enrollment applications is based on classroom availability and capacity. Using current enrollment, the district establishes each school’s student enrollment, projected growth, and available space.

  • Fill out open enrollment form.
  • Turn it into the school for which you want to open enroll.
  • Notification will be provided to all applicants who submit completed application forms to the requested school.
  • If approved, you can bring the official enrollment process via our online enrollment portal.

The district does not provide transportation for students with open enrollment status.

Students enrolling under open enrollment procedures may not be eligible for participation in AIA events. Interested students and parents should ask for clarification from the school they wish to attend.

Other important open enrollment information
Open enrollment applications do not need to be filled out each year for returning open enrollment students; unless they choose to apply at another QCUSD school, in which case they will need to complete a new form.

Who can answer questions about open enrollment?
Each school principal can answer questions on the open enrollment process.

The signatory on the front affirms that the conditions of open enrollment as listed in the information packet have been read. It also affirms that the student will abide by the rules and standards, if enrolled. We will not accept incomplete applications.

What happens if we move outside of the school boundaries?
When a student currently attending an QCUSD school moves or is identified to reside outside the attendance boundaries of the school or district, he/she will be given ten days to submit an open enrollment application. Failure to complete this process may result in the student being withdrawn at the natural grading period. If the student has displayed negative patterns of behavior or has attendance issues, the principal may deny the open enrollment application or provide a monitoring letter at the time of approval.

Revocation of open enrollment
The Queen Creek Unified School District will cooperate with surrounding school districts which must abide with a court order of desegregation. Once a student is accepted and attending the school of choice, the student must comply with the school's rules as reflected in the student/parent handbook and/or board policy. Students attending a school under open enrollment are subject to the same policies and procedures of all Queen Creek Unified School District students. Failure to follow all policies and procedures of QCUSD may result in a denial of a future open enrollment application at all schools within the Queen Creek Unified School District. If this occurs, the student will be accepted at his/her home school only. The student may reapply for open enrollment one calendar year following the revocation.

Open enrollment may be immediately revoked for disciplinary action that results in expulsion or long-term suspension. It may also be revoked at the end of the semester due to poor attendance or failure to follow school rules, district policies and procedures, and/or any other disruptions by the student that interfere with the day to day running of a school. Prior to an open enrollment being revoked, a warning letter will be sent from the school principal. Parents who receive a warning letter from the school should follow up with school administration to ensure the understanding of the scope of changes needed to improve open enrollment status for the child. The principal shall determine whether or not revocation occurs. False information submitted on the application is a breach of the agreement and is cause for enrollment revocation.