Queen Creek Schools Education Foundation

Our Mission

The Queen Creek Schools Education Foundation (QCSEF) partners with the community and businesses to promote excellence through leadership in education. We encourage responsible citizenship by supplementing financial support for growth and learning opportunities to engage and empower our teachers and students to excel academically through grants and scholarships.

2020–2021 QCSEF Scholarship Recipients

QCSEF (Seven Winners of $4,000 each):

  1. Brendan Wooster
  2. Kenny Le
  3. Elle Tinder
  4. Alex Wicker
  5. Aiden Hawkins
  6. Ava Terwilleger
  7. Rianna Murrietta

STEM (Four Winners of $2500 each):

  1. Ava Terwilleger
  2. Brendan Wooster
  3. Emma Harding
  4. Peyton Moore

Visual Arts (Two of $2500 each):

  1. Taylor Anderson
  2. Genice Rose

Nathan Martens Memorial (Two of $2,500):

  1. Aleigh Erickson
  2. Bryson Evans

Linda Carr Memorial (Two of $1,000):

  1. Brendan Wooster
  2. Ava Terwilleger

Kash Reed Memorial (Two of $2,500):

  1. Owen Fanchini
  2. Elle Tinder

Hunter Vindiola Memorial (Two of $1500):

  1. Bryson Evans
  2. Colby Littleton

Banner Medical (Five of $1,000):

  1. Ava Terwilleger
  2. Emma Harding
  3. Haley Holston
  4. Aleigh Erickson
  5. Ally Anderson
  6. Jaidyn Benavides
  7. Rianna Murrietta
  8. Carys Gad

Total: $66,000 ( Memorial Equivalent to $15,000, Banner Equivalent to $8000, Foundation Equivalent to $43,000)

Important Dates

  • Coming soon!

QCSEF Board of Directors

Natalie Orne
Foundation President

Vispi Karanjia
Foundation Vice President

Tyler Schupe
Foundation Treasurer

Quincy Nelson
Foundation Secretary

Ellie Hardt
Board Member

Robert Gardner
Board Member

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
20217 East Chandler Heights Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85142