e-IEPPRO Parent Portal

The parent portal in e-IEPPRO allows you to view your student’s:

  • Evaluation/MET (Most Recent, Locked)
  • IEP (In-force, Locked)
  • Meeting Notice (Most Recent, Locked)
  • Prior Written Notice (Most Recent, Locked)
  • Progress Reports (Embedded in Locked IEP)
  • 504 Plans

Steps to view your student’s records:

  • Go to the e-IEPPRO Parent Portal.
  • Enter your email address – it must be the same email address on file with the school your student attends.
  • Enter the access key sent via the e-IEPPRO system.
  • This access key will remain the same for the school year.

What do I do if I don’t receive an email with the access code and/or I forget the code?

  1. Check your spam/junk folder.
  2. Click on ‘re-send access code’.
    If a cell phone number is on the student profile page, it will give you the option to email or text the access code.