Foreign Exchange Program

Thank you for your interest in the foreign exchange program at Queen Creek Unified Schools. Our policy on foreign exchange students is:

  • The district will not admit students who have graduated from their respective school system.
  • The host families of foreign exchange students who attend district schools must reside within the attendance area of the school that will be attended.
  • High school diplomas will not be awarded. A certificate of achievement attendance may be awarded at the graduation commencement when appropriate.
  • Sponsoring organizations must provide evidence that each student has sufficient oral and reading proficiency in the English language to assure profitable educational and social experiences during the exchange year.
  • Each foreign student should plan to attend a district school for the school year, not for a single semester or a partial school year. Exceptions may be approved by the principal.
  • The district does not provide foreign students with financial assistance for such things as class rings, yearbooks, activity cards, or lunches.

Queen Creek Unified Schools and our high schools are committed to giving foreign exchange students the best possible experience. Please follow the below procedures for applying for admittance to our schools:

  • The organization that you are using must be approved by and in the current Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET) advisory list.  
  • A completed information packet from your foreign exchange agency must be submitted to the foreign exchange liaison before the student is admitted. The packet must include detailed student information (including immunizations) and the host family’s residency information. Application packets are accepted up to May 1 of each school year for the following school year. Once the packet has been received, an email or letter of receipt will be sent to you confirming that we have received the information. We will reach out to you with any additional requests of information.
  • Tuition is required as per board policy. All invoices are due paid in full before the student is accepted and allowed to attend classes.
  • The information packet will be reviewed by administration. There is no guarantee that your student will be accepted. An email or letter will be sent to you informing you of our decision. If your student is accepted, your application will then be sent to the appropriate school for final approval.  
  • If your student is approved by the school site, the principal will contact you to inform you of the next steps in the registration process.

For further assistance or questions, please call (480) 987-7418 or contact Annette Sampogna via email.