Our administration is dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for the students at our schools and to lead by example. If you have any questions about our programs, enrollment, job opportunities, or would simply like to speak with us, feel free to contact our district office.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teacher, services he or she is receiving, or would like to tour and visit a specific campus, please contact the principal below at your child's school. We are always happy to help our community. It is by working together that we are able to achieve so much more.

Meet Our Administration Team

Dr. Perry Berry
(480) 987-5938
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Amber Bordes
Chief Operating Officer
(480) 987-5997
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Erika Copeland
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary
(480) 987-7488
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Casey Eagleburger
Assistant Superintendent of Secondary
(480) 987-7418
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Jessica Johnston
Chief Financial Officer
(480) 987-5997
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Dr. Patty Rogers
Chief Human Resources Officer
(480) 987-7475
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Heidi Lee
Director of College & Career Readiness and CTE
(480) 987-5965
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Steven Ray
Director of Special Education
(480) 987-5990
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Robin Bayles
Director of Educational Technology and Virtual Learning
(480) 987-5984
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Kruze Mingus
Director of Transportation
(480) 987-5982
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Maria Silva
Director of Family Resource Center
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Yezica Hostetler
Director of Child Nutrition
(480) 987-7496
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Christopher Maddux
Director of Technology
(480) 655-6216
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Mary Masellis
Lead Psychologist
(480) 987-5993
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Ellie Hardt
Director of Community Education
(480) 987-5998
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Amanda deNight
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
(480) 987-5987
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Cole Morris
Executive Director of Operations and Construction
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Aubrey Ruhser
Director of Early Childhood Special Education
(480) 655-6213
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Susan Brickley
Early Childhood Education Administrative Assistant
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Stephen Watkins
Director of Elementary Curriculum
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Paul Gagnon
Coordinator of AVID and Secondary Professional Learning
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Dr. Robert Carlisle
Coordinator of Research and Evaluation
(480) 987-5985
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Dr. James Gowdy
Director of Student Services and Athletics
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Molly Jacobs
Director of the Performing Arts Center
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Chasity Cruz, M.Ed.
Coordinator of State & Federal Programs
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Joe Johnston
Coordinator of School Safety & Security
(480) 987-7418
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Meet Our School Principals

Erin Pillsbury
Principal, Desert Mountain Elementary
(480) 987-5912
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Sherry Towns
Principal, Faith Mather Sossaman Elementary
(480) 474-6900
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Stacey Duke
Principal, Frances Brandon-Pickett Elementary
(480) 987-7421
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Jeffrey Markle
Principal, Gateway Polytechnic Academy
(480) 987-7440
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Dawn Kennaugh
Principal, Jack Barnes Elementary
(480) 987-7400
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Dawn Harrington
Principal, Katherine Mecham Barney Elementary
(480) 474-6725
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Dawn Michaelson
Principal, Queen Creek Elementary
(480) 987-5920
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Faith Orr
Principal, Schnepf Elementary
(480) 987-5935
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Kelli Frazier
Principal, Silver Valley Elementary
(480) 474-6920
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Kevin Aikins
Principal, Newell Barney Junior High School
(480) 474-6700
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Bev Nichols
Principal, Queen Creek Junior High School
(480) 987-5940
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Jay Schnittger
Principal, Eastmark High School
(480) 474-6950
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Adam Wolfe
Principal, Queen Creek High School
(480) 987-5973
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Elyse Torbert
Prinicpal, Crismon High School
(480) 987-6224
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