Building Operations, Facilities & Construction

Our public school district was built and is supported by our community and the taxpayers of Queen Creek. We are obligated and honored to maintain beautiful and functional buildings to create an optimal learning environment for all of Queen Creek’s children and for community use.

Building Operations

Our Building Operations Department keeps our buildings safe and in working order. If a door won't latch properly, a sink is overflowing, or our sprinkler systems are not doing their job, our janitorial and maintenance staff are available to help.

For repairs, faculty and staff members may place an online work order.


We lease our buildings, facilities, and some equipment to organizations for their community.

We determine prices based on the type of facility you request and the classification of the renter. Rentals are subject to availability. Please fill out our facilities use application and review our rate sheet. Please submit your application two weeks in advance to our Community Education Department, either in person or via email to Tanya Hart.

Our Community Education Department address is 20740 S. Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

Contact Us

Cole Morris
Executive Director of Operations and Construction
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Brook Hlusak
Administrative Assistant to Building Operations
(480) 987-7498
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Tanya Hart
Facility Rental
(480) 987-5981
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