Queen Creek Virtual Academy

The Queen Creek Virtual Academy (QCVA) provides an engaging online community that develops independent and global learners.

With virtual platforms (Imagine Edgenuity for secondary students and Schoolsplp for elementary students), QCVA offers core content, electives, advanced placement, and honors classes that meet Arizona state standards and follows the QCUSD calendar. Students can work 25 hours a week at the time of day best suited for them. Our QCVA facilitators provide support through small groups or one-on-one virtual meetings and tutoring.

Here at QCVA, we help students prepare for success in a virtual environment and eventually achieve virtually anything they seek. 

Enrollment Instructions

Before beginning the enrollment process, please review the minimum system requirements and device use document. If you are enrolling for grades 7–12, please review the QCVA course descriptions.

Have registration questions? Contact us by calling (480) 987-5564, or send us an email.

In-District Transfer
Returning Student
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For Students and Parents

Logging In

Logging in to Schoolsplp (Grades K–6)

Students in grades K–6 can log in directly to Schoolsplp.

Logging in to Edgenuity (Grades 7–12)

Students in grades 7–12 can log in to their Edgenuity courses through the Clever application. Clever will remember your username and password for all your school apps so you don't have to!

  • Go to the Clever website
  • Click "Log in with Google"
  • Log in using your school Gmail username and password
  • Click on the icon titled Imagine Edgenuity

Watch our tutorial for a quick video to walk you through the process.

Time Log

QCVA students must document all their academic activities weekly through ParentVUE. Time spent on activities such as studying, working on an essay, preparing for a test, completing coursework, meeting with facilitators, tutoring, physical exercise, brain breaks, and similar activities should be counted/documented. Reporting activity time is required by the Department of Education and is an important requirement of QCVA. Students who do not submit time into ParentVUE when it is due will have their courses deactivated until the time is entered.

QCVA students are required to log time into ParentVUE on a weekly basis, reporting at least 25 hours per week. Please see our Time Tracking in ParentVUE instruction sheet for more information.

*Note: Students with ten consecutive days of no activity will be withdrawn from QCVA.

Live Sessions

All facilitators offer live sessions where students can join a Google Meet and ask for assistance virtually and in real-time. Students can participate in small group or one-on-one personal tutoring sessions with facilitators. This information will be shared by the subject facilitator via school Gmail where students can schedule an appointment for support in their core courses.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery is only offered in core academic subjects (math, science, English, social studies). A credit is earned in a credit recovery course when a relative grade of  “D” or better is achieved. Students that finish with an “F” earn zero credits for the course and must retake the course to earn the required credit. Credit recovery courses are condensed versions of the full course. Each unit begins with a ten-question pre-test for that unit. A score of 70% or higher indicates mastery and the unit will be skipped. Students can move quickly through CR courses when they put effort into passing the pre-test. Students taking the credit recovery course will not earn a letter grade. Instead, they will receive a pass or fail credit based on a relative score of 60% or higher.

Contact Us

Robin Bayles
Director of Educational Technology and Virtual Learning
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Robyn Mariani
Admin/Registrar, Technology and Virtual Learning
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Denise Arzola-Bass
SPED Facilitator
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Laura Borden
Elementary Facilitator
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Jeffrey McDonald
Secondary Math Facilitator
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Mark Parrish
Secondary Social Studies, Civics & Government Facilitator
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Sabrina Reid
Secondary Science Facilitator
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Lael Rogers
Secondary English Facilitator
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