At Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD), we believe participation in school athletics is an important phase of the overall educational process. Athletics is an integral component of the total educational program, providing learning experiences that contribute to a student’s physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. School athletics provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn important values such as accountability, self-discipline, leadership, citizenship, perseverance, responsibility, and teamwork through the realization of personal and team goals. QCUSD is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and each of our secondary schools abide by AIA bylaws.

Student-Athlete Eligibility Requirements

Academic Requirements: Student-athletes must be academically eligible to participate in school athletics. Please contact your school’s Athletics Office with academic eligibility policies or questions.

Age Limit: Student-athletes are eligible for eight (8) semesters from the time of enrollment in ninth grade. If a student becomes 19 years of age after September 1, (s)he is eligible for the remainder of the school year.

Attendance Boundaries: Student-athletes are eligible in the school attendance boundaries in which they reside. If a student-athlete does not live in a school’s boundaries, (s)he must have an approved open enrollment form on file and meet all other AIA eligibility requirements.

Code of Conduct: Please review the QCUSD Athletics Handbook with your student-athlete.

Physicals / Eligibility Documents: QCUSD schools utilize Register My Athlete as its online eligibility platform. Families electronically sign and upload all eligibility documents, including the AIA Annual Physical Evaluation forms, onto this platform. Physicals dated after March 1 of the current school year may be accepted for the following school year.

School Contact Information

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Crismon High School
Tyler Montoya, Assistant Principal / Athletics Director
Debra Palomo, Administrative Assistant
(480) 987-5597
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Eastmark High School
Justin Monical, Assistant Principal / Athletics Director
Jennifer Cook, Administrative Assistant
(480) 474-6956
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Queen Creek High School
Chris Driving Hawk, Assistant Principal / Athletics Director
Erica Alexander, Administrative Assistant
(480) 987-5560
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Queen Creek Junior High
Kyle Olson, Assistant Principal / Athletics Director
Hailey Harriman, Administrative Assistant
(480) 987-5940
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Newell Barney College Prep
Kevin Aikins, Principal / Athletics Director
Deseree Mousseau, Administrative Assistant
(480) 474-6704
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