Eastmark High School - DECA Bird’s Nest Opening

Two happy students in front of the Bird's Nest store

Within the halls of Eastmark High School (EHS) lies a center of student entrepreneurship called Bird’s Nest, a student-led store stocked with all sorts of snacks and drinks, that recently had its grand opening on March 6. Under the guidance of Frank Norris, EHS’s Marketing teacher and DECA advisor, Bird’s Nest has become a place of school community and hands-on learning.

Bird’s Nest was created with a few goals in mind, the first being to allow marketing students a place to apply what they learn in class to real-world situations. Norris stated, “that the best way students can learn is through doing, as students see the connections between textbook pages and the store.”

Through hands-on involvement in every aspect of the store's operations, students gained insights into business management, finance, and customer relations. Norris says this store is a place for students to learn “And that's what I'm trying to set up. I'm trying to set up a learning environment.” 

Another goal of the store, stated by DECA Treasurer Carly, is to create a place on campus where students are excited to grab a quick snack. 

The student-led store has been met with overwhelming success. Within its first week of opening, Bird’s Nest was able to make substantial profits. This success shows the impact of student-run initiatives and how students thrive when given the resources.

Funds earned at Bird’s Nest go right back to the students who run it, specifically to the DECA program. Money earned goes towards conferences and competitions on both state and international levels. At these competitions and conferences, DECA students are able to showcase their skills, learn, and make valuable connections. 

Beyond the store’s financial success, Bird's Nest has also become a place of student growth. Carly emphasizes how proud she is about getting the store off the ground and developing better connections with her teammates through this process.

Looking ahead, Bird's Nest has plans to expand what it sells and create more experiences for students. Norris aims to eventually include apparel and school spirit supplies as a part of the store’s offerings. He also has a goal of getting members of the surrounding community involved in the store. Collaboration with community members brings in new learning opportunities. Norris stresses the importance of real-life experiences to teach these students and set them up for success. 

Bird's Nest symbolizes more than just a student store; it shows learning through experience, student empowerment, and community engagement. Through collaborative efforts and leadership, Eastmark High School has cultivated talent and student success. As Bird's Nest continues to soar, it shows the potential of student-led initiatives in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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