Chris Driving Hawk - Athletic Director of the Year

Chris Driving Hawk, QCUSD Athletic Director

Chris Driving Hawk, Queen Creek High School’s (QCHS) Athletic Director, was announced as the 6A Central Regional Athletic Director of the Year. Driving Hawk was nominated along with six other athletic directors from the central region. This recognition signifies dedication to fostering excellence within Queen Creek Unified School District’s (QCUSD) athletic communities and programs.

Driving Hawk credits his journey to success with the strong relationships he has built while at QCUSD.  From day one, his goals have been to understand and establish a strong line of communication with the coaches he directs. Communication is not only needed across the district but with fellow directors as well. These relationships and communication are essential for ensuring seamless coordination across various sports, seasons, and schools.

Success as athletic director is credited to all the great coaches Driving Hawk has been able to work with, along with the “top-down support” from administration at the school and district levels. “Dr. Gowdy and Dr. Wolfe, those two have been phenomenal.”

Driving Hawk also cites the support he has received from Superintendent Dr. Perry Berry and Assistant Superintendent Casey Eagleburger. Driving Hawk emphasizes this support, as it has helped him get where he is today.

By prioritizing open dialogue with parents, coaches, and boosters, the department has enhanced its achievements and strengthened itself within the school and district.

Student success is what Driving Hawk finds the most rewarding about his role. His main focus and priority has always been giving students the best experience within the four years they attend high school. This means setting up students for success by maximizing their opportunities and sports-related experiences.

“You get a lot of curve balls and everything every day, but the most rewarding thing is watching our kids succeed.”

Driving Hawk highlighted how this year's QCHS winter sports improved drastically. Culture is a big part of that, and it comes from the students enjoying what they're playing and being there to support their enthusiasm continually.

Driving Hawk’s journey to recognition as an outstanding athletic director is defined by the importance of building strong relationships, effective communication, and unwavering support from everyone involved. QCUSD fosters an environment where every student can have a rewarding high school experience.

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