Career and Technical Education Month Spotlight: Queen Creek High School Day on the Farm with Future Farmers of America

Closeup of a sweet goat on a farm

Once a year, Queen Creek High School (QCHS) transforms into a bustling farm during their annual "Day on the Farm" event. Organized by Future Farmers of America (FFA), this event aims to educate local second graders about the diverse fields of agriculture. FFA is a student organization composed of students in the AgriScience Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Within this program, students learn about the different career fields in agriculture, gaining insights into the intricate journey of food production from farm to table.

“In FFA, we have a section where we go over all the different types of careers that you can go into,” shares FFA president Paige Alleman. “There’s so many more careers than what you actually think there are.”

AgriScience offers students a unique opportunity to explore agriculture through hands-on experience. Led by industry professionals, this program provides invaluable insights to help students develop essential employable skills. Throughout the academic year, students have ample opportunities to showcase their skills in various competitions at local, state, and national levels. Recently, they distinguished themselves at a regional competition hosted on the ASU Polytechnic campus, securing top-three placements in the categories of: poultry evaluation, dairy evaluation, forestry, employability skills, and milk quality.

FFA vice-president Natalie Jones shares her experience competing in the employability skills category, where students undergo a simulated interview process.

“You have to pick an actual job that is actually up for hiring, then you do a mock interview for that job. It really helps you set up your communication skills,” explains Natalie. “This competition helps you take a step into the real world. This is what you have to do when you go into a job interview.”

This comprehensive program is not just about winning competitions. It is about preparing students for the future.

“I feel like FFA is preparing me for my future by giving me more accountability skills. It's given me countless opportunities to explore different areas of agriculture,” reflects Alleman. “Earlier this year, we went down to Tucson and talked to ranch owners down there. FFA has also given me good scholarship opportunities.”

The "Day on the Farm" event is a reflection of the students' hard work and knowledge. By extending their knowledge to the community, they not only educate but also inspire the next generation of learners to explore the array of opportunities within the field of agriculture.

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