The Positive Impact of School Resource Officers

QCUSD's three dedicated officers

In the Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD), the influence of School Resource Officers (SROs) extends far beyond traditional law enforcement duties. With three dedicated officers stationed across all three high schools, their impact on the educational environment is noteworthy.

Officer John Allen's Guiding Influence at Queen Creek High School (QCHS)

Since joining QCHS in January 2023, Officer John Allen has witnessed the transformative power of his role within a short time span. His engagement goes beyond maintaining safety; he actively contributes to students' academic progress, social interactions, and even takes on teaching responsibilities.

"I have a direct impact on assisting with guiding them [the students]," says Officer Allen. He emphasizes the profound effect simple conversations about events or morning greetings can have on a student's day.

Officer Katie Williams: Nurturing Positive Relationships at Crismon High School (CHS)

At CHS, Officer Katie Williams channels her passion for working with youth into fostering positive connections with students and the community. The presence of an SRO on campus not only ensures immediate safety but also brings forth numerous positive benefits.

"My goal is to have a positive interaction with every student," explains Officer Williams. By initiating friendly gestures like fist bumps and high fives, she aims to redefine students' perceptions of law enforcement, making their first encounter a positive one.

Officer Austin Lanter's Dual Role at Eastmark High School (EHS)

Officer Austin Lanter, stationed at EHS, enjoys a unique position as he works at the same school where his children attend. Beyond his law enforcement duties, he seizes opportunities to coach athletics, further integrating into the school community.

"My favorite part about being a school resource officer is being able to build positive relationships with students on a daily basis," states Officer Lanter. He envisions continuing in this role until retirement, emphasizing the alignment between his passion and professional assignment.

The School Resource Officers in QCUSD exemplify how their role transcends traditional law enforcement, leaving a lasting positive impact on students, staff, and the school community as a whole. Through genuine connections and proactive engagement, they contribute to shaping a safe and supportive educational environment.

To learn more about our amazing SROs, please visit our Safe and Healthy Environment page today!

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