Queen Creek Unified School District College Fair Helps Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

Three happy students holding college fair brochures

Students across the district are looking toward their future with the help of Queen Creek High School (QCHS). Queen Creek High School recently hosted a college fair which included more than 35 different colleges, universities, trade schools, and military recruiters visiting campus. Students from Queen Creek High, Eastmark High (EHS), and Crismon High (CHS) were invited to this district-wide event.

College and career advisors encouraged all high school students to attend the fair as it helped students who are still deciding on their post-graduation plans gain insight on what their future may hold.

“This is a great way for students to learn directly from college admission representatives how they can get accepted, stand out among other applicants, and what scholarships are offered,” says QCHS College and Career Advisor Amber Crilley.

Melissa Lee, a parent of two EHS students, believes it’s important to start early when it comes to college decision-making.

“If going to college at a competitive school, then you have to make sure you have not only the grades, but you have extracurricular stuff the school can look at that will take you above the others,” said Lee.

The fair included in-state and out-of-state universities, local trade schools such as East Valley Institute of Technology (E.V.I.T), Penrose Academy, Red Rock Flight School, and more.

“There are endless paths to take to get to the career we want,” said QCHS senior Asher Clark. He says he is interested in going to a local trade school. 

“Trade school is cheaper and shorter,” said Clark. “In a lot of careers you start behind a desk, but in a trade day one you get right to work with your hands.''

For more information on preparing for post-graduation, we encourage students to reach out to their schools' college and career advisors. 

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