Eat Better and Eat Together

Want to know how to eat better and eat together? Here are some tips!

This month, it is "Eat Better and Eat Together" month! Creating a healthier lifestyle with the foods you eat is already hard enough, and with kids it gets even harder! Create a goal this month to have a healthier way of eating by involving your kids. These are some tips below from the director of child nutrition here at QCUSD to involve your kids to your new “Eat Better, Eat Together” goal!

Eat better, eat together with your kids! Here’s how!

  1. The whole time? Yes! The whole time!
    A great way to get kids excited about cooking is to make it interactive. Find ways to include your child throughout the preparation and cooking process, and by the time you finish the product, they will feel a sense of ownership over it. Every single step of the way, invite them to mix, stir, and add the ingredients. The more they help, the more they stay engaged.
  2. Learning while cooking!
    Kids want to learn! Sometimes it might not seem like it, but they absorb so much information every day! Their brains are like sponges! While cooking, teach them anything you'd like. Teach them a quick fact or historical reference on items used in the recipe to increase engagement. While you're teaching them while cooking,  it is easier for them to remember the dinner/treat you are making.
  3. Vegetables are our friends!
    Sharks are our friends and vegetables. (#FindingNemo) Don't be afraid to use vegetables! When we show kids how to wash, cut, and cook vegetables they tend to eat more. So wash, cut, and cook as many vegetables as you can with them! This is because when they create a happy moment with vegetables, they will always be happy when they see vegetables!
  4. Taste, cook, taste, and taste!
    Get excited! If you are enthusiastic about cooking and the ingredients you are using, they will feel the same way! Let them taste tests as they go, even if you don't think they would like it, because you may be surprised. Tasting while cooking is the best part of cooking! So taste, taste, and taste! This might just make them want to help you more while cooking!

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