Boo Bubbles: A Spooky Science Experience

Students sitting on a tarp in the classroom and listening to the teacher

Every year, LaFawn Berry visits second-grade classes to teach about Boo Bubbles.

Boo Bubbles is a yearly tradition and enhances the concept of states of matter in a hands-on way. We talk about states of matter in general, sublimation, the weight of gasses, and energy.

“For me, the best part is the wonder in the students' eyes when they see boo bubbles for the first time and when they get to hold one,” says LaFawn.

The idea came to her when she attended a workshop 15 years ago where she saw boo bubbles for the first time. Her husband built her a bubble machine and had Boo Bubbles in her own classes until she became an academic coach in the district.

“I decided to do boo bubbles with all the second graders because it fits into their standards, and we have done it every year since then,” says LaFawn.

Boo Bubbles is now going on to its sixth year, with nearly 900 students participating in this spooky yet exciting science experiment.

To learn more about the Science Program in Queen Creek Unified School District, please visit the QCUSD Science page.

Three students holding big bubblesTeacher putting a big bubble into a student's hands

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