Ideas to Help Reduce Homework Stress from a QCUSD Academic Coach

student with head in hands staring at laptop

Whether it’s studying for a test, planning a project, or just completing an assignment, homework can become overwhelming for students if they don’t have the patterns and plans to avoid procrastination and to reduce stress.

Here are some ideas to help reduce homework stress:

  1. Have a dedicated homework place each night. Your student might think they can get your homework done while sitting in front of the television, but it will take them more time since they won't be focused. Be sure to have all distractions, including the television, off or in another room.
  2. Chunk homework if needed. If there is a lot of homework to face, help your student to chunk just a portion of it, then take a small break before tackling the next part. For instance, "After you finish your math homework, why don't you walk the dog around the block?"
  3. Keep to a schedule. Schedule a homework time each day. This should be a thirty to sixty minute block of time reserved for homework. If this time is right after school, make sure to give your student a few minutes to unwind and have a snack before getting to work.
  4. Make a game plan. Knowing what your student needs to do and when projects/assignments need to be completed helps them stay on top of things. If they have a long-term project, plan out specific days to work on it in advance.
  5. Communicate with your group. If your student is working on a group project, make sure they communicate with their team on a regular basis.
  6. More homework tips. Here are some additional tips on how you can help them.

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