Career Days at Queen Creek Unified School District

One of the many goals of Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD) is to provide opportunities for our students to learn about many different careers. As part of the college and career readiness curriculum, students from preschool to 12th grade attend career days at their schools.

Volunteers from QCUSD families and the Queen Creek community visit our schools to share their experiences. From community workers like firefighters and police officers, to engineers and health experts, QCUSD students learn about how each job is unique and even learn about jobs they may have never heard of.

Some of the volunteers even bring equipment from their job to share with the students which allows our students to have a more hands-on experience. Newell Barney Junior High and Silver Valley Elementary had volunteers fly their helicopters to the schools. Police officers and firefighters brought their vehicles and allowed students to look inside. Students also got to try on different career apparel such as a pilot vest, a beekeeper hat, and a firefighter jacket.

High school students have the opportunity to learn even more about different careers by taking career and technical education (CTE) classes. These classes help students become prepared for a wide range of careers. Even if students don't choose to pursue a career in the subject of a specific CTE class, the skills they gain will help them become prepared for any career of their choice.

Queen Creek High School and Eastmark High School had a career fair at their schools giving students a chance to visit and talk to professionals in numerous fields. Some provide work opportunities after high school graduation.

Each year we provide QCUSD students opportunities to explore the possibilities and ponder what they wish to become after graduation.

Here at QCUSD, we would like to thank all of our career volunteers, teachers, and staff for helping our students discover, explore and learn about possibilities for their future.

Students learning about fire science outside next to a fire truck Bee keeper visiting students in the classroom Students outside in front of a helicopter

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