District Spelling Bee Winners

On January 13, forty-seven students participated in the district’s annual spelling bee competition.

Before the Queen Creek District Spelling Bee, each elementary and junior high school held its own spelling bee competition, with the top three or four winners advancing to the district competition.

Every student had different reasons to join their school spelling bee. Teagan, who placed second in the spelling bee, participated in her own school’s spelling bee to test her ability to spell.

“I wanted to see if I could spell, and I had to study a lot from the spelling bee list,” says Teagan.

Third place winner, RJ, joined his school's spelling bee due to his love of reading.

"I love to read and so I thought it would be fun for me to try it out and see how I would do," says RJ. "I have never done one before. I would do it again because it was fun being on the stage.

RJ, Teagan, and first place winner, Cathryn, will advance onto the regional spelling bee on February 10, with QCUSD hosting the event.

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