Queen Creek Unified School District Parents Attend the Dangers of Snapchat Presentation

The Arizona National Guard Counter Drug Task Force was invited to give a presentation on the dangers of Snapchat to parents within the school district. Two presentations took place, one at Eastmark High School and the other at Queen Creek High School, and provided knowledge of the inherited risks of this social media platform.

"I knew that Snapchat can see your location…there’s lack of privacy and risk in that. So much is exposed and so unfiltered. What can be put out there can then be quickly taken away," says Kim P. who has three students attending Queen Creek Unified School District schools. 

Mary S. (name changed) knew about Snapchat's feature with disappearing messages but was shocked to learn how it served as a large platform for drug trafficking, which was the primary focus of the presentation. 

"Take the time to look into [Snapchat]. See what the app is about and dive in deeper. Even look to see what is on your kids' phones. Teach yourself and get some knowledge about it." says Mary, who has two students in Queen Creek Unified School District. 

Please visit the Talk Now AZ website to learn more about this presentation.

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