Crismon High School Welcomes Their First Senior Class

outside of Crismon High School

Crismon High School (CHS) opened its doors in July 2022 and is now welcoming its inaugural senior class! Since opening, CHS has made remarkable progress in its first two years. The addition of a junior high building opening this month and the upcoming construction of another building this year reflect the school’s commitment to expanding its facilities and providing an excellent learning environment.

Ian Siltala, a senior at CHS, talked about his experience and how the school has prepared him for future goals. Ian joined CHS as a sophomore when the school opened and will soon complete his high school journey as a proud Rattler. 

Ian initially chose to attend CHS because of its convenient location, as it was less of a drive for him. Additionally, the excitement of being part of a brand new school drew him in. CHS is a 76- acre campus with state-of-the-art technology, attracting students and parents.

Ian’s passion for music flourished during his time at CHS. “I was excited to continue learning guitar.” Ian has taken guitar courses all four years of high school and was able to further develop his musical skills with these courses. Ian’s band/guitar teacher, Scott Lloyd, has made a positive impact on him and his passion for music. Ian would also like to thank Mr. Acosta for teaching science in a “fun and engaging way.” 

Graduation is on the minds of all students like Ian who are starting their senior year. Ian is focused on his next steps and plans on attending Arizona State University to earn a bachelor's degree in music. His goal is to pursue a career in music using the foundation he built in high school.

For those incoming freshmen at CHS or any high school, Ian gives the advice of “forming strong friendships.” Ian met most of his friends in band class and emphasized the importance of clubs and extracurriculars in making lasting friendships and enhancing your high school experience. 

Crismon High School has had remarkable success since its opening in July 2022 and is now celebrating its first senior class. CHS has provided students like Ian Siltala with an environment for both academic and personal growth. Ian's classes and teachers have prepared him to meet his goals and plan for his future career. Congratulations to CHS and its graduating seniors! 

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