Celebrating the Graduating Classes of QCHS and EHS

Auditorium of graduates in purple robes and caps listening to speak on stage

Join us in celebrating the graduating classes in Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD)! High school graduation is a highly anticipated day for graduating students. It's a cumulative celebration of all they have accomplished and all the diligent work it took to get to this point. This is often a time for students to reflect on their journey, and valedictorians Ava Reece (QCHS) and Hazel Tobler (EHS) have shared some of their thoughts leading up to graduation.

Ava Reece, QCHS’s valedictorian, credits her mother with being her biggest motivator, as “she emphasized the importance of school and extracurricular activities from a young age.” Thank you to all the QCUSD parents and guardians who encouraged their students every step of the way!

Hazel Tobler, EHS’s valedictorian, “was most motivated by the variety of experiences to look forward to.” She has set up goals for herself from a young age and states she finds“the strength to push through when I think of the rewards of tomorrow.” 

For those striving to be valedictorian, Ava and Hazel stress the importance of not taking on more than you can handle and making sure to take care of yourself through it all. “My one piece of advice would be to not stretch yourself too thin,” says Ava. 

Hazel also suggests paying attention to the activities you participate in while not in school. 

I learned just as much about dedication and focus from cross country as I did from AP statistics. Personally, I recommend some kind of outdoor physical activity, an outlet for creativity, and some form of public service outside of academics each year to keep you busy and fulfilled. Feel free to explore, too! You never know what you'll enjoy until you try it! Knocking on random club doors led me to some of my most transformative experiences.” 

QCUSD saw more than 900 graduating seniors this school year, demonstrating how we continue to grow in numbers and excellence.

Together, QCHS and EHS saw:

  • 672 students committed to a university with a total of $45.38 million in scholarships.
  • 103 graduating students in the district graduated with a GPA of 4.0 or higher.
  • 24 students total enlisted in the military upon graduation.
  • 44 student-athletes signed on to play for colleges and universities. 

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