Exploring Beyond the Classroom: KMBE’s Kindergarten Field Trip

Field trips are more than just a break from classroom routines; they are enriching learning experiences that build on the learning that has taken place in the classroom. Hands-on learning helps students make connections to real-world environments. Field trips are also an engaging and fun experience for students, parents, and teachers!

Recently, Katherine Mecham Barney Elementary (KMBE) kindergarten students went on a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo and got to experience what they had been learning about in class.

One of the main goals of field trips is to make connections between what students have learned in the classroom and what they experience on the field trip. During the time KMBE students' went to the Phoenix Zoo, they were learning about living and non-living habitats. At the zoo, kindergarteners were able to see these different habitats and make connections to what they had learned in their classrooms. Afterward, students wrote about their experiences, reinforcing the connections they had made.

Preparation before field trips also plays a crucial role in the learning process. Before their adventure to the zoo, kindergarten students conducted research on the animals they would encounter. The learning that happens before helps build anticipation for the zoo and strengthens what has been taught. They have learned about these animals through books, then video, and now get to connect their research to real life.

Students eagerly searched for different animals, especially the bobcat, which is KMBE’s school mascot. Other students enjoyed seeing the orangutans, who were close to a viewing point in their enclosure. The excitement of encountering these animals face-to-face sparked genuine curiosity and engagement.

Field trips offer social benefits that extend beyond academic growth. Students have the chance to bond with their peers outside the classroom, which strengthens friendships and builds a sense of community. Interacting with parents and other adults in a different setting helps develop the social skills that are critical at this age.

While field trips require a great deal of effort, the consensus among KMBE’s amazing kindergarten teachers is that field trips are worth it. Getting to see the students make connections and have fun is invaluable. As one teacher expressed, the anticipation leading up to the trip and the excitement of seeing concepts come to life make every effort worthwhile.

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