Local Author Helps QCUSD Students Celebrate Reading

Girl inside a fort holding a book

In Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD), students are immersed in a comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum. This educational framework encourages students to delve deeply into the world of literature by analyzing novels, plays, speeches, and informational texts, allowing them to develop an understanding of these diverse forms of communication.

On top of the ELA curriculum, schools across the district find additional ways to encourage literacy in their students. One way QCUSD schools encourage literacy is through fun events like Literacy Nights.

Students playing with play-dough to learn words

At a recent Literacy Night event hosted at Schnepf Elementary, children's author Shelly Sheldon visited the campus to read to students and parents. Sheldon read from her book Heart of a Child, a story about resilience during changing times and the importance of showing kindness and respect towards yourself and others, featuring illustrations by Emily Hagen.

“I’m hoping the skills and the content will be valuable to parents and kids,” said Sheldon.

Sheldon spent a number of years as a counselor at Faith Mather Sossaman Elementary and used her over 25-year career experience as inspiration for Heart of a Child. She was excited to be back in a school setting, reading to children after her recent retirement.

Guests at the reading event

The Literacy Night event included other fun activities like games relating to spelling and grammar, raffles to win new books, and reading nooks for students to explore new stories.

“Events like Literacy Night are beneficial for students because it promotes reading at home and makes reading fun; it helps kids enjoy reading and making connections.” said QCUSD ELA Academic Coach Lisa Grant. “It also helps the families be involved in what their kids are learning.”

Be on the lookout for future literacy events by checking out the district Calendar page.

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