The Future of Education: Innovation and Technology in Schools

Students working on computers

In today’s rapidly-evolving world, technology has become an essential tool in all fields, including education. Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD) provides students with opportunities to learn and develop their skills while incorporating the latest technology.

Several QCUSD elementary schools have access to a class program known as Smart Lab. This “special”, as it is called, provides students with interactive learning programs and digital resources that correlate with lessons being taught in each individual classroom.

“I work hand-in-hand with the teachers and discuss what standards are being taught in the classroom,” says Shanon Lines, Smart Lab Facilitator at Katherine Mecham Barney Elementary (KMBE). “From there, we decide which kits or programs can be used to help students learn more about that specific topic.”

Students playing with bubble makers

Some Smart Lab projects include 3D printing programs, working with different types of robots, and, the most popular, learning to play the piano on a banana (a lesson in circuits and electricity).

Lines says the Smart Lab is a unique experience for the students.

“It allows them to play while gaining knowledge,” says Lines. “We give them time to explore, apply what they learn and then we come together and reflect on what we learned as a class.”

Technological learning experiences don’t stop after elementary school. Students can enroll in various Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes that incorporate technology skill sets.

Some of these technology-based CTE classes include digital photography, graphic design, robotics, bioscience, computer maintenance, and software & app design.

students around a table looking at the computer

Businesses who partner with QCUSD have also helped donate new technology supplies to support QCUSD Students. Meta recently donated $51,000 to QCUSD to further STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education for primary and secondary students.

“STEM education gives so many skills,” says Meta Community Development Manager David Williams. “It teaches creativity and thoughtfulness, teamwork, collaboration, and thinking outside the box. If we can help invest in those types of skills for students, we’re all going to be winners in the end.”

At QCUSD, we strive to make technology accessible to all students. To learn how you can help bring technological learning opportunities to our schools, please fill out our 2023–2024 Community/Business Partner Information form.

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