Students Helping Students Transition to a New School

Students and teachers holding their hands out while forming a circle around a female student

Starting at a new school can be both exciting and nerve-racking. For many students, the fear of navigating unfamiliar hallways, making new friends, and adjusting to a different environment can be overwhelming. However, thanks to two QCUSD clubs, Link Crew and Where Everybody Belongs (WEB), this transition can become much smoother. 

Both Link Crew and WEB are mentorship programs run by students to help other students, with Link Crew in each high school and WEB program in each junior high school. During a school’s orientation day, the leaders of these groups host campus tours, lead ice-breaker activities, and participate in group discussions. The purpose of the orientation is designed to foster connections between new students and their mentors while helping newcomers become more familiar with their surroundings. 

Queen Creek High School (QCHS) student, Grant Lewis, joined Link Crew at his school to be more involved and help others. 

“I have moved a lot in my life and have had to start over in a new school and with new friends each time I’ve moved,” says Lewis. “Starting at a new school can be difficult, and I completely understand what these freshmen are experiencing. I don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

Link Crew and WEB members continue to engage their peers throughout the entire school year with meetings, events, and ongoing support. This consistent interaction helps new students overcome barriers they may face as they adjust to their new academic surroundings. 

“On the first day of school this year I was walking around and talking to my friends and Mr. Payne pulled me aside and asked me to help a junior transfer student,” says Madison Newman, a student at QCHS. “He had no clue where he was going and needed help. I was able to do that for him.”

Jadeyn Mabry, a senior at QCHS, explains how Link Crew offers tutoring assistance, motivates freshmen, provides support, and does simple acts of kindness for the group they help. 

“Some Link leaders take their groups out to ice cream or trampoline parks,” said Mabry. “Others will get their group donuts every week. Sometimes it’s even just something small to brighten their day like a lollipop or a high five in the passing period.” 

These student-led groups are a wonderful example of how students promote QCUSD’s values of kindness, integrity, and respect. They play a pivotal role in creating a welcoming school environment, and the influence of Link Crew and WEB can ripple throughout the school community and leave a lasting impact of positivity and academic success. 

Students and teachers holding their hands out while forming a circle around a female studentStudents and teachers holding their hands out while forming a circle around a female student

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