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Strategic Plan

Why Strategic Planning?

Excellence Through Leadership: Engage, Empower, Excel

Strategic planning is a way to bring the community into a process that sets the focus of the school district over the next few years. It takes a district from merely “reacting” to what is going on around it, and setting its own direction based on what the community values in an educational process.

The major impact of the plan is focus. A school district gets pulled in many directions and is always trying to meet the needs of all of its customers with available resources. This process sets the district in a direction with a specified purpose (mission) with specific initiatives (strategies) to accomplish that purpose. Through this process, the district will focus its time and resources toward results agreed upon by educators and community members working together. 

QCUSD is preparing to initiate a strategic planning process, which will include input from the public and school district. This is a tremendous opportunity for QCUSD as they join hands with members from the community to set goals and action plans in the best interest of students. Over time, this plan will provide community priorities that reflect the growing community QCUSD serves.

QCUSD is moving into a strategic planning initiative that will help QCUSD establish priorities with input from all stakeholders. This is a tremendous opportunity for QCUSD as we join hands with members from the community and the Cambrian Group network, to facilitate goal setting and action plans that are in the best interest of our students.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Strategic Objectives

  • Objective 1: 100% of students identify and pursue their passions
  • Objective 2: 100% of students will have the skills to lead
  • Objective 3: 100% of students will be civically responsible
  • Objective 4: 100% of students will score in the top 10% of their peers on state and national tests 
  • Objective 5: 100% of students will achieve a minimum of one year of academic growth annually
  • Objective 6: 100% of students will graduate with a clear, defined post-secondary plan
  • Objective 7: 100% of students will live healthy and balanced lives
  • Objective 8: 100% of students will be inspired to take part in lifelong community service
  • Objective 9: 100% of students will be socially responsible
  • Objective 10: 100% of students will be accountable for their choices
  • Objective 11: 100% of students will set and achieve personal goals