Arizona Tax Credit

Make a Difference—Be a Leader and Contribute Today!

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Your contributions can be directly applied to support the teaching and learning at a school. From library books to instructional aids, your contribution goes a long way to increase academic achievement. 

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New this year, contributions can go directly towards capital items such as computers, furniture, school playgrounds, and shade structures. 

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Be the champion! Contributions can provide after school clubs and school sports teams the much-needed funding to compete at the highest level. From equipment to uniforms, you can make a difference!

What is the Arizona Extracurricular Activities Tax Credit Program?
Arizona Revised Statute §43-1089.01 allows each individual state taxpayer to contribute up to $200 per year to public schools in support of extracurricular activities and claim a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit. Married couples filing joint tax returns may contribute and claim a tax credit of up to $400 per year ($200 per person). Those who are married and filing separately, as well as single taxpayers, each qualify for a $200 maximum state tax credit.

What is a tax credit?
 A tax credit will allow you to reduce the amount of your tax liability to the state. The amount you contribute (up to $200 for single taxpayers or $400 for married couples filing jointly) will be the amount you may claim as a state tax credit.

What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?
A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax owed. A tax deduction only reduces the total taxable income from which the tax owed is calculated. 

Who can make a contribution?
Only Arizona residents who file an AZ140 tax form are eligible for the tax credit. Schools can accept contributions from non-Arizona residents as well as businesses and corporations; however, they are not eligible for the tax credit.

Must I live within the Queen Creek Unified School District boundary or have children enrolled in school in order to contribute?
No, anyone can contribute.

Do I have to contribute the full $200 or $400?
No, we appreciate any amount contributed and it is eligible for the tax credit up to the $200/$400 statutory maximums.

How do I receive my tax credit?
Please do the following if you would like to receive the tax credit:


  • Download and complete the Arizona tax credit contribution form. Attach your check made payable to Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD). Please be sure to designate which school you wish to support.
  • Indicate on the response form how you would like us to use your contribution.
  • You can make your contribution in person at any Queen Creek school or mail the form to the address below. Upon payment, we will give or mail a receipt to you for tax reporting purposes. Please place this form with your other tax preparation documents. 

For the purpose of claiming Arizona’s tax credit for contributions made or certain fees paid to a public school, the Arizona Department of Revenue now requires taxpayers to report the school’s county code, type code, district code, and site number (CTDS) on Form 322, which is included with the Arizona income tax return.

  • Queen Creek Elementary 070295101
  • Desert Mountain Elementary 070295102
  • Jack Barnes Elementary 070295103
  • Frances Brandon Pickett Elementary 070295104
  • Gateway Polytechnic Academy 070295105
  • Faith Mather Sossaman Elementary 070295107
  • Silver Valley Elementary 070295108
  • Katherine Mecham Barney Elementary 070295009
  • Schnepf Elementary 070295109
  • Queen Creek Junior High School 070295106
  • Newell Barney Junior High School 070295121
  • Queen Creek High School 070295201
  • Crimson High School 070295203
  • Eastmark High School 070295202
  • District 86-6000525

Can a taxpayer receive a refund of these credits?
No, you may only use the credits to the extent they reduce a tax liability to zero on your Arizona tax return. You may carry forward any unused amounts for not more than five consecutive taxable years, but will not be refunded. 

What does my contribution pay for?
School tax credit contributions help pay for extracurricular activities. You must designate your contribution to the school(s) and you may designate to the program(s) of your choice to provide money for field trips, athletics, the arts, after school tutoring, intramural activities, and more.

What do I receive as proof of this contribution?
If you deliver your contribution in person, we will provide a receipt to you at the time you make the contribution. If you mail in the completed tax credit contribution form with your contribution, we will mail a receipt to you. If you contribute online, you will be able to print your receipt upon completion of the transaction. 

When can I contribute?
Right now! You can take advantage of this credit any time of year. All you need to do is either make your donation online or fill out the tax credit contribution form and deliver or mail it with your contribution amount in check, money order, or cashier's check. Please do not mail cash. You may choose which tax year to apply contributions made between January 1, 2023, and April 18, 2023.

Can I mail my check and request form?
Mail your check with the tax credit program form to:

Queen Creek Unified School District No. 95
Attn: Tax Credit or Accounts Receivable
20217 E. Chandler Heights Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Call QCUSD at (480) 987-5935 for more information.

Whom do I contact if I have more questions?
We recommend contacting your tax advisor with questions specific to your individual circumstances and to find out if you could be eligible for a deduction on your federal taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Please keep in mind that employees of the district are not in a position to give tax advice. District personnel can, however, answer questions about the process of making contributions that qualify for a tax credit. You may contact the Finance Department by calling (480) 987-5935.