Students Welcome New Police Officers

Group of students outside with police team

Queen Creek Unified School District students are welcoming Queen Creek's new police officers to the community. A group of students presented the Queen Creek Police Department with welcome bags as part of their service project from the district-wide Lead Out Loud Club.

Students across the district are selected by committees, teams, and teachers for the Lead Out Loud Club to cultivate leadership skills. They assembled the bags during their annual conference incorporating items like water bottles, snacks, hand sanitizer, and more. Students were proud to show their appreciation to local officers and signal the beginning of a strong partnership.

"One of the things the students are challenged with is to do service learning projects. We believe that's a really important ingredient in building leaders," said Queen Creek Unified Superintendent Dr. Perry Berry, "and this was their idea for you, so I think that's really powerful."

"We are so grateful to the staff, students, and families of the Queen Creek Unified School District and the 'Lead-out-Loud' Committee," said QCPD Chief Randy Brice. "Today we received essential supplies that will aid those individuals in the community that we meet and support on a daily basis. This sort of community-based leadership, participation, and collaboration is what truly makes the Town of Queen Creek such a wonderful place to live, learn, play, and visit."

The Queen Creek Police Department will launch on January 11, 2022.

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