Business Partner Breakfast Provides Opportunity for Community and Schools to Network and Learn

Business partners giving a speech

Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD) recently hosted a business partner breakfast event to provide networking opportunities and information about the district. With over 120 people in attendance, the event featured presentations about how the district has grown, past programs with student involvement, and how businesses of the community can help.

Daniel Bobik, who is the head boys basketball coach at Queen Creek High School, has seen the importance of having a positive connection between the community and the schools.

Students giving a speech

"For me, I just want to be a part of what's going on in the community and making it strong," says Bobik. "The youth are a big part of the future, a big part of the community, and I want to be around people who want the same thing."

Mark and Becky Leonard opened a new business in Queen Creek and came to the event to learn how to help QCUSD students become future leaders.

Business partners having a conversation

"We raised six children, which adds to our passion to raise the next generation to be successful, to be independent, to be forward-thinkers," says Becky. "This meeting helps us know how to be a better support and that's huge to us." 

The district plans to hold its next networking event in September 2021. Please feel free to follow the Queen Creek Unified School District Facebook page to stay up to date.

Teachers and parents standing togetherPeople sitting together at their tables for the breakfast

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