QCUSD Mitigation Protocols

QCUSD has created a responsible and reasonable Return to School action-plan that provides a safe and positive learning environment with the typical structures and routines that children thrive in. In staying true to our mission, this plan ensures that your student(s) will continue to receive the high-quality learning experiences that you have come to expect from Queen Creek Unified.

    Cleaning and Sanitization | PPE/Health & Safety | Contact Limiting | Training | Signage | Communication | Transportation | Food and Nutrition

    Cleaning and Sanitization

    • Intensify cleaning and disinfection.
    • Hand sanitizers near classroom entries.
    • High-touch surfaces sanitized daily.
    • All sites will be cleaned on a scheduled basis with electrostatic disinfecting machines.
    • Playground equipment will continue to have regularly scheduled disinfecting.

    PPE/Health & Safety

    • Intensify ventilation.
    • Promote healthy hygiene practices such as hand washing. 
    • Encourage anyone who is sick to stay home.
    • Secure lobbies provide an area for protection when visitors arrive on campus.
    • Parents are responsible for determining their child’s health status before arriving at school.
    • Parents are responsible for keeping their child at home should they present with any symptoms of illness.
    • Any student or staff member exhibiting signs of illness must stay home.
    • QCUSD has opened up our HVAC system to pull in a maximized amount of outside air.
    • QCUSD continues to change its air filters on a scheduled quarterly basis.


    • Train all employees on health and safety protocols.
    • Educate staff and families about when they/their child(ren) should stay home and when they can return to school.
    • Nursing Protocols Training


          • The district and schools will routinely communicate COVID prevention and procedure updates with parents and guardians.


          • Clean and disinfect frequently.
          • Buses will have signs posted by their doors reminding students that if they have symptoms they should not be riding the bus.
          • Hand sanitizer will be available as students enter and exit the bus.
          • The bus will be loaded from back to front, and the bus will be unloaded from front to back.
          • Students will be assigned a seat. 
          • Air conditioning will be in a mode where air is not recirculated.
          • Windows may be open for increased air circulation when temperatures allow.
          • Students are encouraged to wait at bus stops in their parents car if possible.
          • Parent transportation to and from school is a parent choice. If a parent decides to use this option please be patient as we expect drop-off and pick-up lines to be lengthy at the beginning of the year.
          • Cabin air filters on every bus will be cleaned and sanitized through our preventive maintenance program.
          • Transportation employees will be required to wash their hands before going on a route and upon return from the route.
          • Buses will be cleaned after the morning route through electrostatic disinfection and after the evening route in a similar manner.
          • Buses will be equipped with cleaning supplies for use during transport of students if needed.

          Food and Nutrition

          • Use disposable food service items (i.e., utensils, dishes). If disposable items are not feasible or desirable, ensure that all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher. Individuals should wash their hands after removing their gloves or after directly handling used food service items.
          • Avoid sharing food and utensils.
          • Food and nutrition employees will be given optional PPE. 
          • Students will be directed to use proper hand washing, or hand sanitizer, prior to going to lunch and when leaving the lunch room.

          Educational Services

          • Online learning solution available for K–12.
          *QCUSD mitigation strategies may be changed/updated on an as-needed basis.
          For more health and safety information, please visit the Maricopa County Department of Public Health.