Queen Creek Unified School District High School Students Attend Annual E4T Event

Each year high school students within the district have the opportunity to participate in Elevate for Tomorrow (E4T), an event by the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce to help students prepare for the workplace after graduation.

According to their website, "The Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce believes that educating and preparing our youth for the workplace is an important task. With aid from local businesses, educators, and volunteers, we give students an opportunity to build skills and gain understanding by taking part in our annual E4T program."

The event provided workshops on various work and career subjects, such as resume building, interviewing skills, campus and college life, and more.

Kimble Johnson, a junior in the district, expressed interest in the classes being offered at the E4T event, specifically about resume building.

"I learned that my resume would change over time. It's not going to be the same for the job I am currently going to apply for," says Johnson.

A networking expo took place to invite the students to learn more about local career opportunities within Queen Creek.

High school student Alyssa Neal found the resources at the event to help further her future career.

"I really want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up, and this event seems like the best place to network with other leaders," says Neal.

To learn more about E4T, please visit the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce website.

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