What Is a Tax Credit Donation?

Every year, people in Arizona have the opportunity to make a tax credit donation that will support the teaching and learning at any school.

"The really great thing about tax credit is it is only used for student support and student activities," says Newell Barney Junior High principal, Lucas Pugh.

What makes this donation unique is where it can be directly spent. The donor can not only choose a school, but they may choose to donate their tax credit to programs, clubs, and field trips.

John Poirier, who is a robotics coach in the district, says tax credit donations help provide tools and pieces to support the Robotics Club.

Poirier also encourages anyone to make a donation to whatever they feel drawn to. "If there's something you did as a teenager or a high schooler that you'd like to make sure that program survives, then donate there," says Poirier.

To make an online tax credit donation for 2021, please visit the Tax Credit Donation page.

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