Queen Creek Unified School District Students Attend the Annual League of Arizona Towns and Cities Conference

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns recently had its annual conference bringing together more than 1,000 Arizona mayors, council members, appointed officials, and guests.

Among the guests were six students from the Queen Creek Unified School District who attended a specific event called the Annual League Youth Program conference. The students interacted with many city and town leaders who taught numerous leadership skills such as having dignity, helping others, social networking, and public speaking.

"We had a speaker or two explain all of these in depth and taught us the best ways to use these," explains Thomas Goates, a student from Queen Creek High School.

Goates also emphasized how the conference will help him in his future career path after graduation.

"I believe this conference has helped me to better understand and try to help people when they are going through difficult times," says Goates. "It’s going to help me communicate with others in person or electronically. It will also help me to work hard and choose a job that is the best fit for me. All of the discussions will help me to succeed in my future academics. I also feel that building a community with more of these strengths and qualities helps with the betterment of society in general." 

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