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Fine Arts 

The Queen Creek Unified School District offers top quality Fine Arts programming. All of our teachers are highly qualified in their instructional area. Our groups and individual students are recognized for their achievements at many different festivals and competitions throughout each school year. Music education begins with general music studies in kindergarten and by fifth grade, students are able to participate in band or orchestra classes. Programming for middle school and high school includes marching band, choir, art, ceramics, guitar, piano, and many more classes. We also have a professional quality theater located at Queen Creek High school that is available for use by all schools in the district. We are proud to offer quality fine arts experiences to the students of the Queen Creek Unified School District.

Fine Arts Staff

Debbie Payne
General Music JBE
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Sarah Purcell
General Music GPA
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Richard Greer
General Music DME
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Antoinette Edwards
General Music FBPE
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Amy Friesen
General Music QCE
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Adam Miller
Orchestra QCMS
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James Hutchins
Orchestra NBMS, QCHS, Choir NBMS
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Emily Asay
Orchestra JBE, DME, FBPE, QCE
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Tyler Cano
Orchestra and Band GPA
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Steve Kirchoff
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John Davenport
Band and Guitar NBMS, QCMS
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Jacob Campos
Band and Guitar QCHS
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Elizabeth Reynolds
Choir and Piano QCHS
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Kyle Spitler
Drama QCHS
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Briton Clark
Drama QCHS
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Barb Flatt
Visual Art NBMS
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Heather Tucker
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Gail McFarland
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Emily McIntyre
Ceramics QCHS
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Upcoming Performance Dates

  • April 24, 2018  - Queen Creek Elementary & Desert Mountain Elementary orchestra concert at the performing arts center at 6:00 p.m.
  • April 26, 2018 - Jack Barnes Elementary & Frances Brandon Pickett Elementary orchestra concert at the performing arts center at 6:00 p.m.

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